LNPs are a type of carrier used to deliver RNA-based therapeutics, including mRNA vaccines, and have already reached clinical use. 

DIVERSA’s nanoparticles share key similarities with LNPs but boast a simpler composition.  

DIVERSA’s nanoparticles incorporate a cell membrane lipid to enhance intracellular delivery and transfection efficiency, along with a lipid for high stability. Furthermore, commercially available LNPs are offered as complex lipid mixtures requiring microfluidic equipment and cartridges for formulation. This increases formulation costs and necessitates expertise from end-users. In contrast, DIVERSA’s nanoparticles can be readily prepared using a disposable syringe following a simple and rapid protocol. 

Similar to LNPs, DIVERSA’s nanoparticles are scalable and can be formulated under GMP conditions upon request.  

Additionally, DIVERSA offers the possibility of customization for more advanced applications, such as ligand decoration and co-encapsulation of other nucleic acids or biomolecules.