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Every drug deserves the best chance to make a real difference. That’s why we’ve built our patented lipid nanoemulsions to be adaptable, scalable, and above all, safe.our cutting-edge delivery technology that increases the potential for translating your molecule to the clinic. Our promise? Developing testable prototypes within just 8 weeks.

Versatility and scalability

Ready for industrial and regulatory scaling

Our patented lipid nanoemulsions are safe-by-design. All our excipients are part of the pharmacopoeia. Our technology is scalable and replicable, increasing the potential for translating your product to the clinic. Fast exploratory formulation turnaround time: testable prototypes within 8 weeks. We want to help you with your project.

Our technology can also be adapted to many other applications beyond therapeutics, in fields such as nutraceuticals and cosmetics.

Adapting to industrial models ready for industrial and regulatory scaling

We are collaborating with CDMOs that can manufacture the formulations under GMP regulations. Adaptation of the manufacturing process to industrial requirements has been possible thanks to the simplicity of our approach.

Regulatory assessment

Safe-by-design nanosystems

The main components of our lipid nanoemulsions are not new to the pharmaceutical world, they are already excipients in pharmaceutical or cosmetic products that are administered by the oral, topical, and intravenous routes.

logos partners and customers
logos partners and customers
logos partners and customers

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Adaptable to different research stages

Perfect for in vitro and in vivo validation. We will develop characterized formulation prototypes associating your active drug of interest and deliver a detailed report outlining the properties of the selected formulations.

We will also provide advice on the experimental protocol design for validation.

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Improved delivery systems for a wide range of therapeutic molecules