DIVERSA’s nanoparticles are composed of a combination of biodegradable lipids, including one of the main components of cell membranes. This specific combination renders nanoparticles with excellent stability properties and a high rate of cell internalization by different cellular mechanisms. The RNA is efficiently encapsulated and protected from degradation. Additionally, biodistribution can be tailored by modifying the lipid ratios and, if needed, adding specific lipids. 

DIVERSA’s nanoparticles are simple to formulate, without the need for expensive microfluidic equipment and cartridges, and can be prepared before use. They can be acquired with a fluorescent label for cell tracking and monitoring of the cell internalization process. Their transfection properties are superior to more toxic commercial cationic reagents, and they can be used in cells, organoids, and animal models. 

DIVERSA’s nanoparticles can be customized upon request.