We aim to improve patients’ lives by opening up new opportunities for innovative medicines

Welcome to DIVERSA

DIVERSA was born as a biotechnology spin-off from the Nano-Oncology and Translational Therapeutics Unit of the Santiago de Compostela Health Research Institute (IDIS) and the Galician Health Service (SERGAS).

The collaborative environment of the IDIS/SERGAS and the interaction with medical doctors, biomedical and medical chemistry researchers, allowed us to identify a common need, the need of delivery solutions that can help researchers to bring their identified therapeutic molecules forward to the clinic, hence contributing to provide innovative therapies to patients that have no other solutions. 

Interaction with pharma and biotech companies pointed towards the same direction: advanced formulations are needed to overcome biological barriers and to produce efficient pharmaceutical products.

DIVERSA aims to cover this need and provide these researchers and companies with the necessary technology to study their molecules and advance them in their path towards the clinic. 

DIVERSA’s ambition is to prompt the development of innovative therapies for the ultimate benefit of patients, starting a therapeutic revolution. We believe in the butterfly effect, small inputs in the present can lead to big outcomes in future.

Our partners/sponsors:

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