Published On: November 15, 2022Categories: Company news

Succeeding in getting a PhD grant is not an easy task. It requires time and energy to apply for it. But, beyond that, it requires talent. We are proud to announce that Laura Taina-González is one of those who got an Industrial PhD Fellowship at her hands.


A little about Laura’s background


Laura is a pharmaceutical scientist with a promising future in the nanomedicine field, and her research is based on finding new strategies and delivery systems for gene therapy and oligonucleotides within our team.

She has academia and industry experience, having worked at top companies such as AstraZeneca, and she has lived and studied in three different countries all of which has helped her acquire an open-mind character as well as shaped the way she works and communicates.

Not only that, but she also enjoys communicating science to society through her blog entries about DIVERSA’s technology: Small Molecules and Protein therapeutics. She has a polyvalent profile which makes her the perfect candidate for this grant.

“I am extremely happy to have received the Industrial PhD Fellowship to continue my PhD on mRNA delivery at DIVERSA Technologies! I believe that collaboration between industry and academia is vital to help innovation and scientific outcomes. It’s great to see how these fellowships are becoming more and more popular!”


4 years of collaboration ahead 


The Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain selects each year potential candidates to elaborate their thesis inside the industry in Spain. Many people applied in 2021, and the resolution was finally published on October 13th.

We waited some time to know this resolution, as it was approved on the 9th of December 2021. Sometimes good news take time. But they finally arrive.

The grant allocates a total amount of € 4,000,000 for 3 different purposes:

  • Financing of the trainees’ contracts.
  • Facilitating the internships in other R&D entities during the PhDs.
  • Covering the expenses of the enrolment in the PhD program.

It is important to point out that 52 of the 59 selected candidates are part of SMEs, such as DIVERSA. The training for PhD will not only be beneficial for trainees, but also for companies. There is no doubt that the acquisition of new talent is going to have a positive impact on their development.


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