Published On: April 6, 2023Categories: Company news

Creating an impact in the real world requires innovation. Through translation, ideas reach their full potential and result in benefits for society.

At DIVERSA we know that this translation is a vital component of the innovation ecosystem, and that is why we have participated in two exciting events last month!


Translating science into innovation


On the 16th of March 2023, the Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SEMBB) organized a conference dedicated to discussing the role of translation in scientific innovation. The event highlighted the actual value of scientific entrepreneurship and the opportunities for society, especially for the Galician region. The conference took place at the Medical College of A Coruña, and DIVERSA’s co-founder and CEO, María de la Fuente, represented our company.

During the event, two round tables were held. The first allowed the discussion about scientific translation, and the second revolved around scientific entrepreneurship. As a researcher and co-founder, María could offer a broad vision of the process: from research to launching innovative solutions to the market.


Investing in science is, indeed, profitable


Another great event was celebrated on the 22nd of March 2023, organized by Unirisco, the first venture capital fund linked to projects from universities. They are convinced about the profitability, both economic and social, of investing in science and its usefulness for promoting talent and solving the future needs of society.

The conference “Investing in science is profitable” has brought together investment, science, and deep tech experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities this niche holds. It has been a unique moment to learn about real-life cases of startups pioneering emerging technologies and to discover investment prospects in cutting-edge companies shaping innovation’s future. María also joined this interesting event.

We are very thankful to the organizing committees for letting us participate in both conferences and spread DIVERSA’s innovation and translation.


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