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Despite significant advancements in molecular medicine, obstacles such as low solubility and poor tissue accessibility impede the clinical translation of promising molecules and therapeutic agents. In the ever-evolving landscape of scientific research, nanotechnology emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering unique versatility to overcome these hurdles. 

DIVERSA wants to overcome these barriers with its innovative lipid nanoparticles, a technology that uses safe and biocompatible lipids, ensuring effective delivery and therapeutic success. 


Versatility is at the core of our technology


Through dedicated R&D efforts, DIVERSA is at the forefront of enhancing the therapeutic potential of different molecules and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), such as small molecules, peptides, proteins, and nucleic acids. Whether you’re working with small, complex, hydrophobic, or amphiphilic molecules, our technology stabilizes and delivers them precisely where needed

Our technology delivers peptides and proteins irrespective of molecular weight or charge. The adaptability of these nanosystems extends to several types of nucleic acids, mRNA, siRNA, and cDNA, as well as to aptamers, ensuring effective association efficiencies from some to thousands of base pairs. 


Internalization of fluorescently labeled DIVERSA’s lipid nanoparticles in established cell lines and primary culture cells.


However, these molecules share the same limitations when translated into clinical practice despite their different nature. Their potential is often hindered by poor bioavailability and stability, rapid clearance, a short half-life, and low membrane permeability, making it challenging to cross cellular barriers and reach their intended targets. DIVERSA’s lipid nanoparticles can overcome such limitations due to their exceptional characteristics. 

Our technology exhibits exceptional reliability for several purposes due to its excellent stability in various biological fluids and its high biocompatibility among different in vitro and in vivo models. It can be adapted for different biomedical applications, surface-decorate nanoparticles with ligands, and even upload more than one molecule type to develop combinatory therapies.

Our patented nanosystems are safe by design. All our excipients are part of the pharmacopeia. Our scalable and replicable technology increases the potential for translating your product to the clinic.

These characteristics make our nanosystems one of the most versatile in the market, facilitating a broad spectrum of medical and scientific applications beyond therapeutics in fields such as nutraceuticals and cosmetics. 


R&D is our core activity 


At DIVERSA, we carry out a continuous R&D activity to improve people’s lives by bridging the gap between the bench and the bedside. We want to solve real medical needs and to be part of the change engine. 

Our R&D efforts improve our know-how and translate it into available technology to third parties. Our compromise to advance innovation led us to put this technology at the service of the entire scientific community.


Ease-of-use and unique characteristics are the real assets for DIVERSA’s technology


A cornerstone of DIVERSA’s mission is the democratization of nanotechnology, achieved by providing ready-to-go nanoparticle reagents that simplify its use. Our lipid nanoparticle reagents require no specialized or expensive equipment. Formulating biocompatible nanoparticles that associate and efficiently deliver your molecule of interest is very simple.

We offer specific products for different types of molecules: APIs, peptides, proteins, and mRNA. Plus, our reagents have a fluorescent option, unique in the market, that enables tracking of cell internalization, a critical process in understanding how cells uptake different substances, including therapeutic compounds.

 Lipid nanoparticles advancing your research

Image 1. Internalization of fluorescently labeled DIVERSA’s lipid nanoparticles in established cell lines and primary culture cells. 


Another key feature of DIVERSA’s nanoparticles is their high loading capacity, which is crucial for achieving the desired therapeutic effect. This capacity allows for the efficient intracellular delivery of therapeutic molecules, effectively overcoming biological barriers that might otherwise hinder treatment efficacy. 

Their adaptability makes our nanoparticle technology the most versatile on the market. It offers a broad range of applications in drug discovery and pharmaceutical development, gene therapy and gene editing, even dermopharmaceutical formulations, and more.

So, it doesn’t matter which area you work in or what application you plan to use DIVERSA’s nanoparticles; our user-friendly approach will ensure effective nanoparticle preparation and efficient delivery of your molecule or active interest. 


Engage in co-development projects for the development of optimized formulations for your molecule/active of interest


We can tailor our technology to your needs if you do not find the specific reagent for delivering your molecule. Our know-how allows us to design customized reagents that adapt to your research through our co-development program. Our co-developments are adaptable to different research stages.

We will develop characterized formulation prototypes that associate your active drug of interest. Our nanosystems have proved efficient with APIs, peptides, proteins, and nucleic acids (mRNA, DNA, aptamers…) and are perfect for in vitro and in vivo validation. We will also deliver a detailed report outlining the properties of the selected formulations and advise on the experimental protocol design for validation.

We will provide enough product for a pilot proof of concept study, and our fresh IP will allow us to offer a license option for a specific indication.

Lipid nanoparticles


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