Published On: July 27, 2022Categories: Company news

We are happy to share that Laura Taina González, our PhD student, had the opportunity to join Vaccine Design and Delivery (VDD). VDD is a group led by Professor Camilla Foged at University of Copenhagen. Laura is doing her industrial PhD at DIVERSA and is developing different formulations for mRNA encapsulation.

The aim of this Short-Term Scientific Mission (STSM) was to assess how the formulation method can impact the formulation of LNPs. Since the development of these specific nanoparticles for mRNA delivery, many advancements have been achieved, including the COVID-19 vaccines. In this sense, it is important to assess how different formulation methods, i.e.: the widely known microfluidic approach VS traditional ethanol injection method, can impact the physicochemical properties, as well as the performance of LNPS in vitro.

This chance was made possible by the economic support of European Union, as part of a COST Action Program: read COST full report here.