Published On: February 1, 2022Categories: Company news

In February 2022, a month after DIVERSA’s incorporation, commercial activities for the company will start at large with the launch into market of our ready-to-go kits. Specifically for the European Union and United Kingdom markets. The commercialization will be supported by the French distributor company tebu-bio.

tebu-bio is a French lab reagent distribution company based in Le Perray-en-Yvelines, a town 50 kilometers Southwest of Paris. tebu-bio runs a wide variety of in vitro assays, in addition to providing specialty reagents. It has several branches throughout Europe, and it boasts of longstanding relationships with their suppliers.

DIVERSA’s ready-to-go kits, or DIVTECH formulations as they are also known, are designed for any lab, from academic institutions to CROs and biotech companies, that want to try for themselves the power of our drug delivery systems for different molecule types. Currently the ready-to-go kits are designed for associating small (hydrophobic) molecules, peptides, and proteins. Soon we plan to launch more products to cover all types of molecules in need of delivery solutions: aptamers, RNAs, antibodies, etc.

As a new supplier our kits will be promoted in their own product pages, in tebu-bio’s landing page, in their science blog and the “new product offer” newsletter. We are looking forward to collaborative marketing events and campaigns.

Tebu-bio’s pool of existing customers will surely help in promoting the DIVTECH kits quickly and getting the brand noticed. Training sessions with the tebu-bio sales teams and in person vendor days at different customer accounts are already in the planning.

We are very excited for this collaboration and for the success of our kits in the EU & UK markets. The ultimate reason or this excitement is getting our kits to any lab in need of a delivery system: hassle-free nanotechnology available to all.