Published On: June 14, 2023Categories: Company news

Prospera Biotech has joined our will to innovate through the Activa Startups program!

Prospera Biotech has been granted the Activa Startups program with DIVERSA Technologies. The program aims to support collaboration between emerging small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups with innovation potential.

The company is focused on developing neurodermatological products to relieve uncomfortable sensations associated with different kinds of sensitive skin, and DIVERSA will help them along the journey!


How will DIVERSA help Prospera Biotech to address its challenge?


Prospera Biotech is centered on caring for sensitive skin by acting on the cutaneous sensory system. Specific environmental agents can be detected by nociceptors which trigger a neurosensory response (itching, pain…) and activate the immune system causing inflammation. They have placed the neurosensory system on the first line to attack the problem at the root. Their active ingredients act specifically on the nociceptors that cause uncomfortable sensations and restore skin balance.

Sensitive or reactive skins require products that are very respectful to the skin and with a pleasant texture. DIVERSA technology will combine Prospera’s active ingredients’ efficiency with an innovative delivery system in a pleasant formula!

Our innovative drug release technology will be tailored to the needs of their active ingredients, guaranteeing an internal hydrophobic phase that helps to preserve stability and avoid degradation in cosmetic emulsions.

The result of this collaboration will provide Prospera with an innovative solution to improve its products with an optimal texture aimed at taking care of sensitive or reactive skins from a neural point of view.


What has prompted Prospera to participate with us?


In their own words, “Working with sensitive skin, where people are suffering constant discomfort, requires the development of efficient formulas that additionally have a comfortable texture. We are constantly working to improve our products with innovative formulas and mechanisms of delivery”.


Do you want to innovate with us too?


The program will soon be published for some autonomous communities in Spain, and we are still looking for partners! We offer our support to innovate and help your SMEs grow.

At DIVERSA, we are molecule delivery experts. Our lipid nanoemulsions are easily scalable and replicable, increasing the potential for translating your product to the clinic. From hydrophobic to amphiphilic molecules, small or complex, we stabilize them and carry them to their target site. Our technology can be applied in numerous fields, including biotechnology, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and pharmacology.

By joining the Activa Startups program with us, your company will receive tailored formulation, comprehensive characterization, and rigorous stability testing for your specific molecule. Rest assured; your intellectual property will be safeguarded through our patented technology.

As you can see, we have experience participating in it! If you want to benefit from our innovative potential, don’t hesitate to contact us!