Published On: September 11, 2023Categories: Company news

DIVERSA has been selected to participate in the EIT Health Bridgehead Programme 2023, organized by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).


A new opportunity to expand our horizons!


Last July, the EIT announced the selected healthcare scale-ups participating in the Bridgehead Programme in 2023. DIVERSA has been chosen to receive customized assistance to expand our business internationally.

The EIT Health Bridgehead programme matches health-focused entrepreneurs aiming to expand their businesses in the European market with leading incubators and accelerators, known as catalyzers, possessing the necessary expertise and resources to make it true.

Collaboratively, we will strategize efficient and committed approaches to enter European markets swiftly. We’ll expand our horizons by leveraging regional partner and client networks. We will gain entry to essential infrastructure and comprehend novel regulatory frameworks with expertise, valuable insights, and support offered by professionals.


Embarking on a new journey


We’re excited to delve into a new, vibrant European market, bringing our unique solutions across Europe.

This future partnership serves as a stepping stone to broader European landscapes. With the combined strengths of DIVERSA and our catalyzer, we envision making impactful strides across the continent.


We share a common vision


EIT Health is a network of best-in-class health innovators backed by the European Union. It is a community with approximately 130 world-class partner organizations working across borders to connect business, research, and education.

They aim to enable European people to live longer, healthier lives by promoting innovation across borders and helping bring new products to new markets. Their goal is to improve the lives of citizens in Europe and beyond, and so is ours!

We are moving forward to facilitate the translation of molecules into medicines, bridging the gap between molecules and patients. Our technology based on nanometric lipid emulsions can associate new molecules and efficiently deliver them in their therapeutic active form.  New drugs have problems entering the cell interior or get degraded before reaching their intended targets, reducing their effectiveness.

As we embark on this promising journey, we invite our stakeholders, partners, and customers to join us. We’re not just moving forward but moving forward with conviction and purpose.

This programme takes us closer to helping researchers and companies around Europe. We are very excited about this opportunity and will make the most of it!


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