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Enhancing intracellular delivery of anionic proteins/peptides

DIVTECH Anionic Protein/Peptide Kit based on cationic lipids are suitable to conjugate anionic proteins/peptides and can be used to efficiently deliver proteins/peptides to specific cell lines of interest.

Technical information
Intracellular delivery of the enzyme β-Galactosidase to L3.6pl cells using DIVTECH. The β-Galactosidase activity (blue signal) was significantly enhanced when delivered by DIVTECH and showed no toxic effects as compared to commercially available competitors where cell debris and changes in the cell morphology were observed.

Reference number



DIVTECH Anionic Protein/Peptide Kit

Amount of reagent

1 mL

Molecules delivered

Anionic Proteins/Peptides

Cell types

Adherent & suspension cells, organoids and 3D cultures

Cell culture conditions

Cell culture medium supplemented with/without serum

Number of experiments

1 mL of DIVTECH Anionic Protein/Peptide Kit is sufficient to perform 225 delivery experiments in 6-well plates, 1150 experiments in 24-well plates and 6815 experiments in 96-well plates.

In vivo models

Rodents and zebrafish

Administration route

Intravenous, subcutaneous, intraperitoneal, intra-articular, topical…


-20 ºC upon arrival, once formulated at 4 ºC

Provided with

1x DIVTECH empty vial, 2 tips for 1 mL pipette

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