Tracking intracellular delivery of a broad range of proteins

DIVERSA fluorescently-labelled lipid nanoemulsions for tracking and promoting effective intracellular delivery of proteins.

Technical information
Flow cytometry analysis of in vitro cellular delivery of DIVTECH FLUOGREEN-PROTEIN in A549 cells after two-hours incubation and compared to untreated cells.
Intracellular delivery of proteins using DIVTECH FLUOGREEN-PROTEIN kit in A549 cells after two hours incubation. DIVTECH are fluorescently labelled in green (blue: cell nuclei, red: cytoskeleton, green: DIVTECH FLUOGREEN-PROTEIN).

Reference number



DIVERSA FluoGreen Protein Delivery Reagent

Amount of reagent

1 mL

Molecules delivered


Cell types

Adherent & suspension cells, organoids and 3D cultures

Cell culture conditions

Cell culture medium supplemented with/without serum

Number of experiments

1 mL of DIVTECH FluoGreen Broad Range Protein Kit is sufficient to perform 25 delivery experiments in 6-well plates, 69 experiments in 24-well plates and 750 experiments in 96-well plates.

In vivo models

Rodents and zebrafish

Administration route

Intravenous, subcutaneous, intraperitoneal, intra-articular, topical…


Dry Ice


-20 ºC upon arrival, once formulated at 4 ºC

Provided with

1 x DIVTECH empty vial, linker vial, minifilter, 2 tips for 1 mL pipette

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