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Tracking intracellular delivery of a broad range of peptides

DIVTECH FluoGreen Peptide Kit, based on reactive lipids, are suitable for click chemistry to conjugate any azide-modified peptide and can be used for tracking and detection of peptide loaded nanoemulsions in specific cell lines of interest. The kit uses strongly labeled fluorescent nanoemulsions that are easily internalized by live cells that can be visualized by a wide variety of fluorescent platforms (flow cytometry, microplate assays, fluorescence and confocal microscopy) in less than two hours at Ex/Em = 495/503 nm.

Technical information
Flow cytometry analysis of in vitro cellular delivery of DIVTECH FLUOGREEN-PEPTIDE in A549 cells after two-hours incubation and compared to untreated cells.
Intracellular delivery of proteins using DIVTECH FLUOGREEN-PEPTIDE kit in A549 cells after two hours incubation. DIVTECH are fluorescently labelled in green (blue: cell nuclei, red: cytoskeleton, green: DIVTECH FLUOGREEN-PEPTIDE).

Reference number



DIVTECH FluoGreen Peptide Kit

Amount of reagent

1 mL

Molecules delivered

N3-modified peptides

Cell types

Adherent & suspension cells, organoids and 3D cultures

Cell culture conditions

Cell culture medium supplemented with/without serum

Number of experiments

1 mL of DIVTECH Small molecule is sufficient to perform 25 delivery experiments in 6-well plates, 126 experiments in 24-well plates and 750 experiments in 96-well plates.

In vivo models

Rodents and zebrafish

Administration route

Intravenous, subcutaneous, intraperitoneal, intra-articular, topical…


-20 ºC upon arrival, once formulated at 4 ºC

Provided with

1x DIVTECH empty vial, 2 tips for 1 mL pipette

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