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Drug delivery solutions and gene therapy formulations for research and pharma

Turning lab breakthroughs into clinical solutions

Our approach is based on the development of unique lipid nanoemulsions. This simple and versatile technology can be tailored to carry a wide range of drugs and biomolecules (proteins, peptides and gene therapies) and bring them to the desired target location. We offer ready-to-use delivery reagents, as well as the possibility of personalizing our lipid nanoemulsions to your specific needs. We provide solutions to academic researchers, CROs, pharma and biotech companies.

An inefficient and limited delivery and poor transfection efficiencies are often a restraining step in the development of new therapies. In DIVERSA we aim to overcome this limitation by developing optimized formulation with our delivery technology, and open new opportunities for innovative medicines in all fields.

Explore our ready-to-use delivery reagents

Find the lipid formulation that better suits your molecule!

In DIVERSA we want to help you improve the intracellular delivery of your drug/biomolecule and first in vitro testing. In this way, you can get the first validation of the therapeutic potential of your approach in the easiest way possible.

We offer broad application delivery systems and transfection reagents – which can be tracked with the fluorescent-labelled option- and also customized solutions to better fit your needs. Don’t have a drug delivery reagent for your project? Let’s create one together. Our customized reagents can be designed specifically for you!

If our ready-to-use delivery systems and transfection reagents meet your expectations, we can continue accompanying you in the trip of translation to the clinic by offering co-development services for advanced prototypes specifically design for your project and indication.

Co-development opportunities

Your project deserves a unique solution. Let’s craft it together – get started today!

Our R&D team is always open for new challenges. All our excipients are part of the pharmacopeia, easing approval constraints, and we have developed an extensive know-how for developing advanced formulations that can help overcoming the restrains of your drugs.

In few weeks, we can provide a prototype fully compatible with industrial and regulatory scaling, specifically developed to suit your needs. Find the validation study that better suits your research.

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Our DIVTECH products

We provide ready-to-use kits, especially tailored for different types of molecules

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