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Highly qualified professionals recognized through a Senior Talent Program

Recently, Víctor A. Francis and Abi J. Vázquez were recognized as “Talento Senior” and awarded a three-year grant by the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN), which confirms that DIVERSA has great professionals.   Helping researchers move back from overseas since 2018   The Xunta de Galicia [...]

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Finalists at Spin-off PuntoGal Awards organized by PuntoGal and GCiencia

DIVERSA ranked finalist during the 6th edition of Spin-off PuntoGal Awards that took place at the auditorium of the Faculty of Economic and Business Science of the University of Vigo last November.   Why does Spin-off PuntoGal exist?   The Spin-off PuntoGal Award has been [...]

2023-01-12T05:50:11+00:00December 6, 2022|Company news|

Catalysing DIVERSA under the EIT Health’s Bridgehead program

DIVERSA got selected by EIT Health’s Bridgehead program to access new markets, and we could not be happier. Keep reading to see what is coming!   A bridge between businesses and markets   EIT Health’s Bridgehead program aims to bring together European bio- and healthtech [...]

2022-11-15T13:18:29+00:00November 15, 2022|Company news|

Dr. Gabriela Garrastazu: a new member at DIVERSA

We are very happy to announce that we already have Gabriela Garrastazu with us as a Project Leader. The DIVERSA team keeps growing!   Gabriela's professional path   She has been devoted to nanoparticle research, where she has participated in numerous collaborative research projects. Some of [...]

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DIVERSA is awarded an InnovaPeme grant for Innovation Excellence

PARTICIPAMOS EN EL PROGRAMA INNOVAPEME con nuestro PLAN DE INNOVACIÓN DIVERSA TECHNOLOGIES 2022-2023 DIVERSA Technologies, S.L. ha puesto en marcha su Plan de Innovación de cara a las anualidades 2022-2023. Este plan está subvencionado por la AXENCIA GALEGA DE INNOVACIÓN (GAIN) dentro de la aplicación [...]

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A biotech spin-off company among the winners of the PEL awards

DIVERSA has been awarded the prestigious award by the “Deputación da Coruña” among several emerging companies.   The rationale of PEL awards   The PEL awards are part of the Local Employment Plan of the “Deputación da Coruña”. It is a strong commitment to entrepreneurship, [...]

2022-09-26T11:12:15+00:00September 26, 2022|Company news|

DIVERSA achieves the ‘Galician Excellence’

Our CEO and co-founder Maria de la Fuente received the Title of Galician Excellence from the Association of Galician Entrepreneurs in Catalonia.   Already contributing to economic development   The Association of Galician Entrepreneurs in Catalonia held its annual gala, an event in which the [...]

2022-09-26T11:13:12+00:00September 22, 2022|Company news|

DIVERSA plans to grow internationally with the support of the ICEX NEXT program

DIVERSA has been selected under the ICEX NEXT program on a competitive basis amongst more than 150 Spanish SMEs, and here we tell you how this opportunity could help us be more competitive internationally.   What is ICEX NEXT?   The Foreign Trade Institute (ICEX), [...]

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